Connect to multiple wifi and load balance

My problem is in my opinion a little bit complicated. I did not find that anyone did it.
I have 2-3 wifi points around that work on 2,4 and 5 ghz with speed approximately 70-80mbits.
I want to connect simultaneously to them with load balancing creating one powerful channel.
I already tried it on windows with two wifi adapters and got speed on torrent 16,5 mb/s.
Because i want to get my own home network with remote wake on lan, file sharing, etc. i want to set my own router. What gear do i need to do that with the most simple and cheap way? Maybe a 2.4 and 5 ghz router with usb for multiple wifi adapters and a gigabit port for connecting my pc? or a small pc running x64 openwrt with connected multiple adapters like rtl8812au?

Forget load balancing... upgrade everything to quality AX gear... the end.

Use quality AP's for client side bridging if need be.

Time costs money ( or bandwidth when your talking about teaming a 2.4 channel with a 5 channel ).

If you have to run openwrt... do it at the edge ( gateway only wired ).

Those wifi ap are running both frequencies 2,4 and 5 ghz i can choose frequency and dont have to bond frequencies. I want to get 2-3 wisp in one lan channel, to get more speed on torrents and failover. Becase it is for my home and more like an experiment i want to do it for cheap. Using something like raspberry pi, old laptop or cheap router and usb wifi adapters. Also this would help me learn linux systems and something new :slight_smile:

Setup all client interfaces as wwan(0-2) and use mwan3 to load balance multiple tcp/udp connections over the different wwan links.

Note: You can't make use of all wwan links with a single tcp/udp connection, but with something like torrent or a download manager that uses multiple connections, you can.


here is a picture what i want to do. Also i am only starting to learn about routers wifi and linux stuff and english is not my native language, sorry for mistakes and possible misoverstanding

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Thank You!
I think that this is what i need.
Now i have a relly noob or dumb question: router can work with multiple clients, can a router be a client to multiple wifi AP simultaneously? Or for every connection i need to use separate physical interface connected to usb? I overstand that connection speed of 5 ghz ac is 867mbps and it will be shared if connecting to multiple ap as a client is possible.

No, a wifi STA can only be connected to a single AP. You will need separate radio devices for each connections. However, on dual band devices, you can have a connection on 2.4GHz with one access point, and another connection on 5GHz with a different access point.