Connect to a WPA2 Enterprise Wifi and re-share it

I just purchase a Linksys WRT 3200ACM and install openwrt (openwrt-19.07.8-mvebu-cortexa9-linksys_wrt3200acm-squashfs-factory). My goal is to use the router as a bridge or converter i.e. to connect to my WPA2 Enterprise wifi and bridge it as standard personal wifi to be used by any device. I have been reading online but still can't figure it out.

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WPA2 Enterprise
For resharing it, better look at travelmate.

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Thank you Trendy,

I manage to install travelmate and connect to my wpa2 enterprise wifi, but after that It seems like it is still not working. And the next step is still not sure.

Can you help me with a detail step by step

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On the wifi client setup, choose wan as the network. Then go to Network-Interfaces edit wan Physical Device and confirm that the only device is the wifi client. The "bridge" box must not be checked.

This should make the router route all Internet use out to the enterprise AP, basically working the same as a default configuration except the Internet connection is wireless instead of wired. An upstream IP should be shown on the main status page. You can then add a wifi AP on the lan network for the re-shared users.

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See also discussion at

@dibdot pushed some wpa2-eap fixes today into travelmate

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Hi Hnyman,

I successfully manage to connect to the WPA2 enterprise and reshare it, one issue is that I keep on loosing internet connection. secondly, I was trying to setup DDNS on the same router but am getting the wan IP from the main checkpoint. what is the best way to make it work.

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For this question it is better to open a new topic.

Is the signal strong enough? Is there clear line-of-sight to the access point? Do you lose only internet access or access to the access point too?

I am only loosing internet access while remain connected to the wifi. The router is very close to my main access point.

This is something to troubleshoot with the upstream router and doesn't appear to be connected to OpenWrt.

The wpa2 enterprise SSID I am connected to is stable and in use by other devices with no issues, I am only losing internet if I am connected to the wifi I created in OpenWRT to share the wpa2 enterprise wifi.

Can the OpenWrt clients ping both the OpenWrt and the uplink router all the time? Let a couple of pings to run indefinitely and let us know which one stops.