Connect display using DSI

I have a screen on my device (rockpro64). It's a touch screen and I don't need it at all. I just want to do something with it. memory and cpu usage, current user count, time. you get the idea.

Good for you, what was the question again?

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How can I have my screen show diagnostic info like ram usage, cpu, or connection info?

Does the screen work, at all, with openwrt?

It works with android 9.0. I was hoping for advice on testing it in openwrt.

So that would be a no, then?

that would be a Not yet.

Knock yourself out.
With the minimal amount of info you keep providing, it's probably going to take a while...

I'm not asking for much.

should i run
opkg update && opkg install luci-app-lcd luci-app-screen luci-app-video

How would we know?

You think there's only one way to hook up an external screen to a rockpro64?

It's an internal screen. Up until this point i did. I'm kindly asking.

I we can't tell you, because you're not providing any information regarding the screen, etc....

I am sorry. I did not understand that was the question. Of course. here is the screen:

Which port is used to connect the ribbon cable (expand board layout) ?,_Sockets_and_Headers

DSI then, check if you can find any info where people got dsi displays to work in plain Linux.