Connect 2 devices with the same IP Address to the same network

dlakelan, lol that's the device I'm using already, got second one lying around somewhere ill dust it off and give it a go.

feels like getting blackmail when all the hardware and code is present but locked so you can't use it unless you pay extra. so if a couple of cheep bits of kit and some mental exercise gets round the problem so be it.

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really? awesome...

I have two devices with the same ip address ( which cannot be changed because the maunfacturer wont permit it.

Just as an aside, I'm of the mind to know just who the manufacturer of this dopey kit is. This is precisely the sort of behavior that should be subjected to public shaming.


Its worse than that, if you look above its because they want to CHARGE for changing the IP address. That's just beyond cheeky.

Precisely. All the more reason they should be publicly shamed, for breaking basic functionality.

To the OP: if it's a case of you wouldn't be allowed to reveal the details, or you're concerned about the vendor retaliating in some way, just give us enough clues to find them on our own, and someone who will never be using the product can point them out.

They are a major manufacturer of industrial robots, which we need to maintain a good relationship with. Hence I'll be keeping their name to myself.

did you ever get the $20 NAT box solution working? :nerd_face::bath::person_in_lotus_position:

If you google [industrial robot] you'll pretty quickly figure out who has this unfriendly policy.

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@dlakelan yes i did try it, successfully used a cheap router to change one of the bots ip address. Did run into an issue adding it to my network. Had to focus on other task but will return to it when i have some time and post the results.

@nbriggs I appreciate not posting the name. However anyone who uses industrial robot will recognize that ip address......

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