Confusion with WRT1900ACS v2 firmware


I have a Linksys WRT1900ACS v2. I try to read a lot before flashing any device and got confused about the wifi drivers because i have v2...

Do I have to install the mwlwifi drivers after installing the 17.0.2 image ? Do the version inside the 17.0.2 working correctly ?

I have read some forums thread here and it's not clear. Some say the drivers are included, others say that the drivers are included but I have to install it anyway to get the latest version of mwlwifi...

If I have to install it... which version of mwlwifi should I install ?

thanks for your help and your time and i'm sorry if this is dumb question :slight_smile:

If running stable you will be some ways back in terms of mwlwifi included, currently appears to be git-2017-06-06. You can upgrade to the latest from precompiled. Whether that is going to be of any relevance to you can be checked at mwlwifi commits, to see what has changed since stable was built.