Confusion between interface and Vlan


I'm new to openwrt with an AX6S and OpenWrt 22.03.5

I'm looking to do something like this

I know how to create "interfaces" and assign them an IP range.
I see how to create a "bridge device" which makes the link between several physical ports and allows to create tagged or untagged vlans between these ports.

What is the link between a Vlan (ID1 2 3 4...) which has no IP range and an "Interface" that has been defined in other section with its IP range?

Thanks in advance

VLANs are just a method to have several independent networks running separately on the same wire.

So, eth0 refers to both the physical ethernet interface, and the untagged packets on that interface. Then, eth0.1 are the packets on eth0 tagged on VLAN 1.

Those are the physical interfaces, now you can create network interfaces by assigning IP addresses to them.

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Thank you very much

I had not seen that once created Vlans, the interface offered more "device" br-lan.1 br-lan.2....

Subsidiary question: is it possible to extract a particular file to show a configuration on the forum and have a review / validation?

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I guess you are looking for /etc/config/network and /etc/config/wifi.
Don't forget to redact private informations (passwords, public IP ...).


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