Confused about firmwares (R7800)

Sorry for being naive but I'm confused which firmware should I flash on my newly arrived R7800.
I can see the Stable 22.03.2, The Master versions (I think they are the Betas), Mr. hnyman releases on his dropbox, Mr. Kong.. etc :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Does the stable 22.0.3 release include the contributions of all these great developers ?
does it utilize NSS cores for HW acceleration ?

Thank you

Stable = current vanilla stable
Master = current vanilla snapshot (potentially unstable)
Others are unofficial builds.

I do not believe stable using NSS cores. I used to build my own from a branch (cannot remember who's without searching).

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You can take a look at those provided by: ACwifidude

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Thank you guys.

Anyone has an idea why the Stable version doesn't utilize NSS Cores if they improve the performance ?

Out-of-tree code is why.