Confused about Cudy models, and a bandwidth question

TL;DR Is the Cudy AC2100 the same as the Cudy WR2100? And, how fast do routers of this class route ethernet-to-ethernet? I'm uninterested in the wifi throughput, which is all most people seem to measure. (Understandably, perhaps.)

Full story:

I was all ready to hit "buy" on a Cudy AC2100 from amazon, when I realized that it's not actually in the supported hardware list. And yet I see folks claiming they're running it.

But maybe I'm confused because a) there seem to be lots of vendors with models called "AC2100", and b) Cudy seems to give a couple of names to each of their products, and the "WR2100" is listed in the hardware table. But the device page doesn't reference the name AC2100.

The only place I can find the two names in one place is on the Amazon product page (, which doesn't seem like a good way to bet on a working router. .... Oh, wait. the Cudy website also uses both names. Okay, so that's a better bet.

If they are the same, then I'll get one, but only if I can expect at least 500Mbs routed between ethernets.

Many thanks!

It's based on the MT7621A chip. I would not specify this model for more than about 200 Mb ISP speed. Above that you want multiple ARM core not this dual core MIPS. (There are options to hardware accelerate but that prevents some other options from working.)

I think if "AC2100" is mentioned in the sales blurb, you're looking at a WR2100.

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My mt7621 (mqmaker witi) can easily handle my pppoe 500/500 services with hw +sw offload - no sqm/qos enabled though

I don't run any sqm/qos, or vpns, or much at all. Just NAT, with just a couple of iptables rules to let ssh in from the WAN. I do split my switch in two, and have two networks, so that IoT devices can live in their own world. I don't have wifi on the router -- I use a separate AP.
Does that affect the performance considerations? Since I don't use the wifi on the router, I started looking at ethernet-only routers as well, like the Mikrotik products, but they seem to use the same cores.

That AC2100 is mostly a wifi generation & speed indication, pretty common:
wifi 802.11ac with max. 2100 Mbit bandwidth (both radios calculated together, nonsense in reality).

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Thanks for all your input. After reading some more reviews and looking at specs, and company histories, and after deciding that the performance will be adequate, I've ordered a Mikrotik RB750Gr3.

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