Configuring MPTCP in OpenWrt

I have a setup in which two apu3c4 boards have to be connected via an LTE+cable link (for redundancy). I have installed OpenMPTCPRouter (if I am not mistaken, it should simply be OpenWRT with built-in MPTCP support, right?), and I've spent the past two days trying to figure out how to configure it, but I could not find a single (working) tutorial.
Could you point me to one?

I have found some tutorials where they use a VPS to improve their throughput, but I have a different setup:

                ----- LTE -----
               /               \
PC ---- apu3c4 ----- cable ----- apu3c4 ---- PC

This setup should be simpler, nonetheless I cannot make it work... First things first, will MPTCP create a new interface (sort of bridge) for the two interfaces involved? I have tried creating manually a bridge, but this did not change the situation...
What am I doing wrong here? Any tips?
Thanks in advance!

Shouldn't you ask the OpenMPTCPRouter folks?

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Yes, I should. But they have no forum, no mailing list, and a way smaller community than OpenWRT. Since the OS should be the same, I thought that I could more easily get an answer here...

openwrt$ fgrep -ri mptcp .

returning no results other than from a tcpdump patch suggests pretty strongly that they aren't confirms it.

Ok, my mistake, thanks anyway!

I managed to compile a build with MPTCP and ShadowSocks for ramips and sunxi. Everything works great.

OpenWrt master, kernel 5.4 with MPTCP v0.95. Shadowsocks with no encryption method.

OrangePi R1 with 2x100Mbps ports performs quite well. while pushing ~90Mbps (eth bottleneck), top reports 13% cpu usgae with chacha20-ietf-poly1305 method, and less than 5% when using no encryption.

Netgear R6220, 25Mbps with chacha20, and ~130Mbps with no encryption.