Configuring device as a bridge with LAN ports

I'm reconfiguring my network and I'm kind of stuck configuring my OpenWRT device.
I have a Ubiquiti router that is functioning as a DHCP server and I want my WRT1900acs (with OpenWRT) to be able to bridge that network to wireless and also transfer the same network to 4 of the lan ports.
Currently I've configured the wireless interfaces to to through the WAN port so WiFi is working, but i can access the OpenWRT device through that, and also LAN ports 1-4 don't get any IP addresses.

How can I fix that?

What you want is to convert the router to a dumbAP.


What type is the link between the Ubiquiti router and the WRT1900acs with OpenWRT: wired or wireless?

Setting up a wireless access point (dumb AP) is a good solution when the link is wired.
A wireless link between the devices needs additional consideration.

I dont't quite understand this, please check for typos or missing words.


The link is wired, I followed the dumbAP guide, and for the wireless connection it worked like a charm.
But what I don't understand is how to link the 4 LAN ports to access the same wan as the wireless does

On a wireless access point, WAN is not used at all. Please refer to the wiki article again.
Update: I meant to say the wan network interface and firewall zone are not used. It is fine to turn the physical WAN port into a LAN port, as described below by @eduperez.

For detailed advice, you might want to post your configuration files, especially network and wireless (remember to redact the secrets).


On the switch configuration, just put all LAN and WAN ports on the same VLAN. Or add both interfaces to the LAN network (which is presumably a bridge already).


It depends on the device.
From the guide.


I've put all the interface on the same VLAN and remapped the wireless interface to use the LAN interface and not the WAN as @mpa said.
Works like a charm, thanks a lot.


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