Configuring batman mesh and vlan

how to pass vlan from mikrotik to openwrt batman adv mesh on first openwrt router to 3 vlan can't forward it

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Batman has its own “vlan”. You have to manually create them as you add them to the bridge ports for the bridge you’re using for your particular network interface. If you named your Batman device bat0, then you’ll need to add bat0.3 for vlan id 3 to the bridge port accordingly.

The vlan is on the mikrotik, and the batman adv I just set as a dump access point, but I want to pass it through the mesh, is that possible?

If you’re using Batman-adv, then all other devices have to use it too. Batman-adv is a protocol of its own accord and it can’t mingle with other proprietary mesh protocols.

But if your vlan id is on your microtik, then Batman-adv can also use that same vlan id. You just have to add it like I said to in my first comment.

what should i do in this section ?

Add your vlan id that you need as a bridge port where it says —custom— . You’ll add it to the Batman device by putting bat0.x where x = your vlan id. Be sure to hit “enter” after typing so it actually takes, then save and apply.

is this correct?

i try to connect my phone to the ssid hotspot, but still not getting the ip address from the mikrotik

You’ll also need to add the port that the Ethernet is plugged into to the bridge port with the bat0.300

You may even have to go the extra mile and make sure the port can read the vlan 300 by making a vlan for that port. How to do that will depend on whether the openwrt device you’re using uses the old swconfig for the switch or the newer DSA vlan bridge filtering. If you click on your “network” tab and the drop-down shows an option for “switch”, then it’s the swconfig setup. If you don’t see it, then it’s DSA.

If it’s swconfig, then click on “switch” in the drop-down and you’ll be able to add vlan 300 to the port you’re using, then go back to your devices tab to edit the hotspot bridge, and add that vlan as a bridge port with bat0.300.

If it’s DSA, you’ll have to go back to the devices tab, edit the lan port that your using, click vlan bridge filtering, add vlan id 300 to the port, then add that bridge as a bridge port to the hotspot bridge.

If you’re not familiar with creating vlans in openwrt, I suggest you check the wiki and YouTube to school yourself up.

You just need to create vlans from the router connected to the mikrotik, from each specific bridge you have to add a tagged vid 100/200.

«Batman-vlan» are transported using the mesh. You still got to make interfaces on each AP for each ssid/batman-vlan. (strictly speaking you don’t need a bridge device on the 2 APs not connected to the Mikrotik since you’re only bridging the batman-vlan to the interface and the SSID you bridge to the same interface from the wireless dialog) They can be unmanaged interfaces. but if you haven’t done this before I suggest you set up static IPs for the interfaces on the same subnet first.

I've found this guide helpful for setting up a mesh with batman-adv.