Configuring 18.06 on TP-LINK WR1043ND issue configuring WIFI

Hello all,

Maybe I can ask you for some help configuring WIFI on my TP-Link 1043ND?

I have been fiddling with OPENWRT on my TP-LINK 1043ND for a few days hoping to get it configured as a travelrouter. But I am unsuccesful taking one of the first steps to do so. After two days of trying I feel stupid, but take the step to ask you for some help.

I have installed the initial firmware and after that upgraded the firmware. When I start I get the LUCI interface for configuration and OPENWRT seems to function with out issues. I can update the package list and can use the 1043nd as a router connecting the WAN cable to my switch with internet and connecting my laptop to one of the LAN ports. So far so good.

When I go to the settings NETWORK -> WIRELESS then I can scan for accesspoints to connect to. I see loads of them (urban area) and select any of my SSID's (I have 2 available). I fill in the passphrase and can configure the Wifi. So that looks good too.

After I safe everything I see that the Wireless radio is not connecting. It just sits there with question marks and all import values (Channel, Bitrate). And thus Wireless says it cannot associate. I have been fiddling with all sorts of options (legacy on, legacy off, auto channel, manual channel, but nothing seems to impact the radio). I have no clue where to look or what I can be doing wrong. Any suggestions?

This is how my status screen looks like:

Thank you for your help.
Kind regards, Robin.

You've set mode to client for some reason? Was that your intention?

If you want to use the device as a wireless router, set it to Access point.

Ah, didn’t explain what I am trying to do:

i want to turn the TP-link into a travel router and making it so it can uplink either wired (working) or wirelessly (having issues). So i assumed I had to configure it as a client on the host Wifi network and then routing through that.

Currently it does not have an AP wifi installed and i am working through UTP to get the Wireless uplink working first.

It is unclear what issues do you have.

That it doesn’t seem to connect the radio to the uplink Wifi network as i posted in the image.

You need to setup dhcp client, etc.