Configure Wifi Bridge over Wifi

I managed to install LEDE on my GL.iNet GL-MT300A. As far as i can say, everything is working. I bought this little cheap device as a travel router. I would like to repeat/bridge an available hotel hotspot and login into a "safe" wireless network (adblock, dnscrypt, maybe vpn).

I've already set up a bridge between the main router and my desktop computer. Joined my current Wifi network and added a second one. This was configured over LAN. En route i don't have access to a RJ45 device to connect over LAN. Everything needs to be done over WiFi. I tried it but i was immediately confronted with connection break ups and time outs.

Is there any good way to accomplish it?

Best regards

Yes, try travelmate package

Thank you, i will try! The expectations are high, i'm already using your adblock package :wink:

Please be merciful ... it's still an early bird ...:relaxed:

This works as expected! Perfectly! :+1::clap: Thank you very much!
I had to manually activate the uplink device. After the connection was established i added a second "public" wireless network connected to LAN.