Configure snmpd


as I understand there is two files: /etc/config/snmpd and /etc/snmpd.conf and they work like this: in /etc/config/snmpd there is the file that can be modified by uci and it generates the /etc/snmpd.conf whenever the snmpd gets restarted.

So I added the createUser line to /etc/config/snmpd:

config system
	option sysLocation 'Raum 102'
	option sysContact ''
	option sysName 'Raum 102'
	option createUser 'SNMPv3Admin SHA-512 pa$$word AES pa55word' # <<< The Line in question

but there is no createUser entry after reloading snmpd. I really want to monitor openWRT via snmp, can you guys help me?