Configure OpenWrt router behind ISP router


I am a totally beginer in network configuration and so in openwrt.

I put the openwrt router just behind my ISP router to have a better wifi coverage and to connect other equipment in lan.

On my ISP router, I have my printer that I would like to have access when I am connected to openwrt router network which it is not the case right now.

I have few configuration possibilities on my ISP router but I was able to put static lease for openwrt router. On openwrt router, I put IP route to my ISP router. So when I ping my printer, I have a response but when I try to print something while I am connected to openwrt network, I can't. My computer do not see my printer.

Could you please help me to have access to my printer from openwrt network ?

Thank you in advance.

If you don't want to have anything special been done by the Openwrt router and just use it for better Wifi coverage suggest to use it as a dumbap.


Thank you for your reply.

I am discovering openwrt and I am learning how to use it. So I will try other things in the futur but in meanwhile I would like to have access to the printer.

Seeing as I can ping my printer I assume that I need to configure the firewall but not sure... ?

In your current configuration printer is located in DIFFERENT network. Does it allow to print for clients behind NAT?

My printer is a basic wifi printer. I don’t know if it authorize or not, I didn’t find anything about it in the manual.

However, whatever the equipment I connect to ISP router network I can’t see it when I am connected to openwrt network.

I read that it might be a double nat issue. I thought to solve this problem with IP routes but it was not enough...

Configure OpenWRT router as DumbAP, as it was suggested above. It is problem of your printer, not OpenWRT.

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Thank you, I will do as suggested and configure OpenWRT router as DumbAP but is it possible to explain to me why is not possible to create a gateway that allowing the communication from a computer of OpenWRT network to the printer or any other device of ISP router?

It's possible, but more complex, and generally less convenient, that dumb AP mode.

In 'common' network devices are equivalent, so one device can access another. In network behind NAT device behind NAT can not be accessed easily.

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