Configure multiple VPNs on the router and switch between them

Hello friends
I installed openWRT
On the Xiaomi Mi4c router
Everything is great, thanks OpenWRT team

I need guidance

My friend has done this configuration in OpenWRT, he connected several vpn and by coding each one has better ping and connected to the router

Can you guide how to create this configuration

I also have expertise in coding, intermediate


Looks like he set up several VPN interfaces and configured all of them as WAN. Since there are now multiple WAN interfaces available, he set up appropriate multi-WAN support. I've never set up such a configuration, I can only direct you towards the Wiki on MWAN:

It's hard to tell from your incomplete screenshots how this is configured exactly. It would be better to have a look at the configuration files in /etc/config (please redact private information if you post them here).

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I thank you
Now I want to create some vpn connections and then switch between the best vpn, is it difficult

Is it possible to explain more?