Configure miniupnpd to work on multiple LAN interfaces?

I have multiple LAN interfaces setup on OpenWrt LAN being one of them. From looking at /etc/config/upnpd there is the option internal_iface 'lan' which obviously ties the LAN interface to miniupnpd to listen on.

I have a guest LAN that I want to be able to run miniupnpd on too. I tried adding guest_lan (the name of the interface) to the paramter above so that it now becomes `option internal_iface 'lan guest_lan'. Sadly this broke UPnP all together.

Is there a way of configuring miniupnpd to listen on multiple interfaces?

I have solved the issue.

For those who find this post simply edit the file /etc/config/upnpd connecting with SSH or WinSCP or you prefer a GUI.


`option internal_iface 'lan'

parameter will show only the LAN interface by default. To add another network like guest you simply add in another interface using it's name with between each interface.

option internal_iface 'lan guest'

I had already tried this on my v19.07.2 firmware, but as at the time I was having issues with miniupnpd I had to compile my own firmware but using the miniupnpd package that was used in the v18.06 firmware. The tradeoff was working UPnP but only on my single LAN interface.

I can now officially say UPnP is working fully again on the latest version and I'm able to finally run miniupnpd on multiple interfaces too.


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