Configure access point to open single website hosted on lan (localhost)

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My requirement is to configure a access point to open a single website forcefully. It will be a open wifi without authentication, any user an can connect but when he/she try to open any link it will redirect to my locally hosted website, is this possible?

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point all traffic to the IP of your choice, by resolving all request to that IP, in dnsmasq.


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Could you please share the screenshot with possible steps.

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no, but there's this cool site, called Google, might want to try it.

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So it can work with single access point, rest I don't want any change. Only a single access point I need to modify


doesn't even have to have an ethernet cable attached, if the IP you're resolving to, is the device itself.

Actually, a dumb ap cannot do this. It must be running in a routed mode, or at the very least, it must be the dns server for the connected clients. If it is a dumb ap, it is effectively transparent and cannot affect any routing at all, and it cannot be the dns server for only the directly connected clients.

Thanks @frollic, let me try this, is this possible to host that local site in my router, it has few static pages, but pages has some data from other urls.. is this possible?

not sure that it's the case here, nothing stops you from running a DHCP and DNS combo on an AP ?

no, because you just said everything should resolve to one IP, unless you're using IPs instead, and the AP/router is connected to a network.
then you need to set up the fw, to only allow outgoing traffic to certain IPs, otherwise the whole internet will be available, yet only by IP.
and you'll need it to be set up as a router.

On a dumb ap, most configurations require that dhcp is disabled. If dhcp is enabled on a dumb ap, it must be the only one on the network it serves, otherwise there will be a conflict. Further, it is serves dhcp and advertises itself as the dns server, it would then do that for the entire network.

A solution is to use a dumb ap + guest network configuration, or simply to use the ap as a router.

That's true, I assumed, incorrectly, this device would be completely stand alone.

Dear guys, I have tried to find tutorial regarding my requirement but doesn't found anything, kindly share any link to achieve requirement.


Winscp to the router, edit the dnsmasq.conf in, I believe, /etc, add the entry provided, restart dnsmasq.

No need to edit dnsmasq.conf, this option is exposed in the Luci as well.

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@trendy , not able to found this on luci, exactly where in under which tab?
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Network, DHCP and DNS

I am unable to find where i can select my accesspoint and local hosted site address?

Please suggest

General Settings tab, Addresses.