Configuration to public wifi

I am new to OpenWirt.
I have tp-link (RE450).
My configuration
[PC]>>>>[ tp-link(openWrt)]>>>>>[public wifi]>>>>internet

I am trying to configure the tp-link to connect to the public wifi.
Question 1:
Should I set up the tp link router in client mode.?

The public wifi does have a captive portal. I know I have to bypass by this by changing a pc mac address to the router mac address.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You would set up a routed client. The easiest way to do this is to use the existing wan firewall zone. I think the RE450 is a single Ethernet port device, so there is likely not a wan network pre-defined, but you can create one and attach your wifi client to it.

The public network only sees the MAC of your router. Use any device on the LAN to log in the captive portal then the router is authorized and you can use multiple devices on the LAN with the same authorization. You would only need to change the MAC if you have some permanent authorization registered for one MAC.

Look for a thread around here about a package called "travelmate".

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