Configuration issues Raspberry Pi 4

Hello folks,

I recently installed my first openWRT on a SD card and inserted in my Raspi. I followed the instructions on the openWRT website.
First of all the WiFi didn't stay set to my country. How do I need to fix it?
I installed Raspbian first, did set the correct country code. Then I flashed booted openWRT. Now the country code is empty again and I can't use WiFi.
The second thing I got stuck is the file system resize. I followed the instructions for expanding the FS of my second partition. I got the squashfs installation. After resizing the partition openWRT doesn't show me the 29GB I should have now.

Might someone helping me out? OpenWRT is completely new for me but I want to try using it.

Dunno about the wifi issue (wifi on the RPi4B sucks). The partition issue is simply that the image doesn't partition the remaining space for you. You need do it manually with fdisk or the like. Just know that if you ever expand your root partition, you risk overwriting the manually created partition. I recommend building your own image and setting the CONFIG_TARGET_ROOTFS_PARTSIZE and CONFIG_TARGET_KERNEL_PARTSIZE to values you will never exceed.

On mine for example:

% grep PARTS 5B-diffconfig