Configuration for auto restart/reboot on connection drops


I have an Outdoor router, model EZR30 running on the latest OpenWrt firmware, the router provides me with a Mobile internet via the usage of a cellular network internet via the means of a simcard.

At times the cellular network connection drops due to environmental conditions, unfortunately when the connection drops, the router doesn't automatically reconnect to the network unless I restart the interface or reboot the router.

I came across the following script to act as a watchdog for the connection, but can someone please enlighten me with what does the linux code stands for, so that I can customise it to my preference but due to the fact that I'm newbie to linux I'm unable to interpret the code to human language so that I can amend it accordingly. The script code is as follows :


while [[ $tries -lt 10 ]]
    if 'ping -c 1 > /dev/null' ; then
        exit 0
ifdown MOBILE
sleep 2
sim=$(uci get network.MOBILE.sim)
date >> /root/reboot.log
timeout -t 2 uqmi -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --set-device-operating-mode reset
sleep 30
ifup mobile

And then the script is called for on the scheduled tasks, by the syntax which follows :

*/2 * * * * /sbin/

One more thing, according to the syntax above, what does /2 after the first asterix do.

Thank you in advance for your help.