Configuration does not commit when disconnecting from router (changing SSID or WiFi password)

Greetings everyone. I have an interesting problem: when I'm configuring the router connected by wirelesse and I change SSID and/or password (and consequently disconnect), the new SSID briefly appears and the settings are not effective. I'm using the master branch. I appreciate the help.

If it takes you too much time to reconfigure your client device in order to reconnect to LuCI (the OpenWrt web UI), you are seeing the effect of the "auto rollback / failsafe" feature of LuCI, which is designed to prevent permanently "cutting the branch you're sitting on". Here is such a scenario:

  1. You apply Wi-Fi configuration change in LuCI, and the router Wi-Fi immediately uses the new setting
  2. You wireless connection is interrupted (because settings do not match anymore)
  3. LuCI "backend" waits for "you to come back online"
  4. In the meantime, your browser continuously attempted to reconnect back to LuCI backend, but it could not succeed due to the network disconnection
  5. You reconfigure your device to connect to the new SSID, but it takes you more than 90 seconds / or you close your browser
  6. LuCI backend (in the router) timeout is reached, and it considers that the change is unsuccessful, hence triggers rollback

If that is indeed what is happening, there are 2 alternatives:

  • Do not close the browser and be faster at reconfiguring your device to re-establish connection using the new Wi-Fi settings (note: this solution does not apply in case of IP address change)
  • Tell LuCI that you really want to "cut that branch" by selecting "Apply unchecked" instead of the default "Apply"
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The third simple alternative is to bypass LuCI GUI and edit /etc/config/wireless to have the new SSID and password. Then restart WiFi.

That is the old-fashioned way :wink:


Ohh Thanks sir! I'm grateful!

I was doing it that way, but I don't want my team with CLI access. Thanks.

What's to keep them from just installing the luci-app-commands package?

Either you trust your folks, or you don't, when it comes to your networking gear. Or, You've torn the OpenWrt security system apart and rebuilt it to suit your needs.

If you don't trust them, don't give them ANY access..

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