Config VPN policy routing

I need help for config VPN policy routing for OpenVPN and Wireguard. I noob

You can install VPN PBR package and use the Luci interface to configure it.

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I've install VPN and WAN Policy-Based Routing, but I don't know coffin the policies for Wireguard&openvpn

There are some examples in the readme page.

What do you want to configure? It is interesting, whether it is possible to configure Wireguard, although examples are present.

Wireguard or open vpn, same configuration with pbr

Does UDP really work in PBR? This is main question.

It's not the main question, or indeed a question at all. It does. I don't know why you persist in claiming that it might not.

I need config OpenWrt for work with OpenVpn&Wireguard the same time
I've OpenVpn for NordVpn and Wireguard for the connection my mobile with my router .
when I connecting OpenVpn the connection Wireguard and my mobile is down

I use pbr with both protocols.
Maybe I don't understand his question, but it's just about interface, all my devices are in pbr, and I choose "wan" , "wg", "openvpn ".

That's it....

I wouldn't worry, he's fixated on this idea that PBR can't work with UDP packets (as used by Wireguard). No idea why, it doesn't appear to have any basis in reality or facts...


The question is, whether UDP works. E.g. you've configured OpenVPN-client with default route, and Wireguard-server with PBR for UDP. Will it work? For the case of OpenVPN-server instead of Wireguard-server the limitation is that only TCP can be used (for OpenVPN-server, I emphasize).

It does. There you go, question answered.

what's wetter for work OpenVpn&Wireguard at same Time?
Pbr VPN policy routing oder Mwan3?

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