Config questions on using router as dumb modem with PPPoE / Bridging

I've been doing a bunch of research over the past week and unfortunately my lack of knowledge in some networking area's has left me stumped on next steps and whether what I'd like to do is possible.

My current configuration is
Home Hub 3000 -> Google Wifi -> 2 unmanaged switches
The Google Wifi is the main router that I use to manage my devices internally
The Home Hub 3000 is setup in Advanced DMZ mode assigned to the MAC address of the main Google WiFi puck.

I could use PPPoE on the Google Wifi but it cuts my speeds in half. The other problem is that when the IP lease renews on the Home Hub 3000 it refuses to hand the IP over to the Google Wifi and I have to factory reset everything. Lastly, the HH3000 has so much extra junk (like hidden wifi for TV services) that I don't need. I'd like to remove it from the configuration.

I'm looking into purchasing a TP-Link MC220L media converter to replace the HH3000. My ISP requires VLAN 35 setup, which isn't supported by the Google WiFi. My hopes were that I could use my old WNDR3700 as a dumb modem. I know I can use openwrt to establish the PPPoE connection to my ISP and use it to setup VLAN35, but I don't know if I can configure it to act as a bridge to then pass the IP over to the Google WiFI. I'm trying to avoid double NAT using two routers.

Is it possible to go from the TP-Link -> WNDR3700 (with all routing and WIFI off) -> Google WiFi and have the Google WiFi pickup the external IP from that configuration?

Thanks for any insight!

I have been researching this a lot myself. There are a lot of reddit threads and this one proved to be the most useful (you can of course re-contextualize the router if you'd like)