Config "networkless" OpenWrt router via USB (?)

Suppose I accidentally restored a firmware backup on my router, in which the contents of the /etc/config/network file is simply empty... :sweat_smile:

Is it possible to somehow update configurations via USB? :thinking:
Using something like ducky script maybe?

I have found this video β€” my last-last hope. But it would be great if I could solve things in a much simpler way.


You have to ssh into the router to this, but the router has no network configs... :confused:

That is my question: How, if at all, would it be possible to connect to a router that has no network config.

I know what needs to be changed. I do not know how to connect, because network I cannot use.

Failsafe mode or serial connection are your two most likely candidates.


Did you read the guide linked by @vgaetera? It explains how to connect to a device that does not have a working network config.


Reflashing could be an option, if it can be done through boot loader.

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