Config Guide for GL iNet XE300

Is there any guide for the configuraion of the wwan sim card connection for those types of routers?
There are tons of forum topics about installing luci-proto-qmi or other 3g packages and even more which is about kmod packages.
But this is a some kind of messed up.

I mean, if someone buys a GL iNet router or a DLINK DWR 921 - how should someone know how this interface is set up for using the 3G connection nad the sim pin etc...? Is this just guessing? Depending on the model I try this or that.... It feels like I am the first one trying to set up the device for 3G usage...

Cheers, Frood ?

I ma wondering how this is related to any or all kind of 4G routers!?
Or for GL iNet XE300.

how or if ?

  1. If?
  2. if yes, then How?

it's related to all/most 4G routers and modems.

All 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G routers.
6G is not out yet

so for example the ZTE MF286d you have to configure this.
Is there any reason you do not want to use the GL.iNet SDK firmware?
In fact, there's a recent example of an issue with Openwrt running on an e750:

tl;dr a owner of a E750 found an issue with 5GHz WiFi not coming up from a cold boot using actual Openwrt and requested GL.iNet fix it.
The fix from GL requests actual ath10k instead of ath10k-ct see:

@frollic fancy a bet that the above commit will not be merged?

If you go to the xe300 is still support by GL-iNet and they are using a 22.03.4 base at present.

What ist "GL.iNet SDK firmware"?
I am using the OpenWrt image as described on the toh page for this device.

it's related to all/most 4G routers and modems.
No, not at all. I have configured a DLINK DWR 921 in a totally differnt way. Just using such an interface:

config interface 'wwan'
        option proto 'wwan'
        option apn 'internet.telekom'
        option pincode '5692'
        option auto '1'

It works rock solid although the UI shows an error aboiut missing protocols...

I have tried the same for GL iNet - no chance.
It is still just guessing what needs to be installed and what needs to be configured.

Everything is propery described in lots of places, for all kind of OpenWrt functionalities.

But 3G 4G is trial and error.
I still think that there are just 2 people who are using OpenWrt on those routers.

The point is also:
Depending on what I do: Restart interface / restart device
I get different error messages :slight_smile:
Sometimes it is "Unknown error (NETWORK_REGISTRATION_FAILED)" and sometimes it is "PIN_STATUS_FAILED"
Anyways, it is "unknown" just like the place of the proper documentation, it is unknown...

How funny is that :slight_smile: I managed to get it working... trial and error....

And there is only one question:
Where in the documentation - you pointed out to - is this type of config mentioned?

config interface 'wwan'
option proto 'wwan'
option apn ''
option pincode '9822'
option auto '1'

Where is this documented?

I guess I msised it somewhere, but I also guess it should be somewhere - since it is the only config working properly.

And again, the device is connected, interface up and running, with some funny error message, which should be ignored...

How is this related to the basic setup for the 3G router using a sim card?
This is totally OT.
Why do you spam this thread?

Really noone else working with simcard in one of the routers running openwrt?

Noone else struggling with the docs mentioned by frollic?

Noone else ever stumbled across
option proto 'wwan'

This might be related to

I am just wondering that I am running several sim card wan connected routers using a config that is noowhere mentioned.
And all other prople using those routers do quickly find the simple key for the correct configuration using 3G or QMI protocol... which is also not documented and no examples shown anywhere.

So, this 3g routers configuration thing is just something like a black hole?

For the DWR-921, you mentioned in your first post, this configuration is documented on the device page:

If you find something is missing in the wiki for your device... (It certainly looks like work in progress.)
You can volunteer to improve it.

It's a community driven project.
Everyone is welcome to contribute.

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I'm not spamming, okay, here we go:
You can build from the GL-iNet SDK without the GL UI:

git clone
cd gl-infra-builder
python3 -c configs/config-21.02.2.yml
cd openwrt-21.02/openwrt-21.02.2
./scripts/ list
./scripts/ target_ath79_gl-xe300 luci

The above will give you clean Openwrt based on the 21.02 SDK that GL-iNet gives for the XE300.
This includes any of their patches, therefore if you find anything missing that you feel would be worth including in actual Openwrt please let the community know.