Completly new needs hardware recommendation

Hey guys

I'm completely new with the idea to use openwrt and I'm really confused.

I wanted to have a device which is "vdsl modem router with wifi" in one. I cannot find any device in ToH which can bought at amazon (or something like this). Everything is only on ebay available.

Which "modern" device available; possible still installed openwrt.

Note: I'm completly new with openwrt but not with the technics around networking.

Thanks in advance, Greeting :slight_smile:

There' the BT Home Hub 5.0 A which uses a Lantiq modem, the only xDSL modems OpenWrt supports. Do keep in mind though higher speed connections might suffer because the device lacks hardware acceleration under OpenWrt, so you won't see the same throughput as with OEM firmware. The SoC itself isn't the most powerful.

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Yep, good oldé BT Home Hub 5.0 A. I used it successfully for a couple years before I got upgraded to as it is maxed out somewhere past 100 Mbits with is VDSL2 vectoring. Anyway, I could ship you one with OpenWrt pre-installed. Just pay shipping.

Thank U very much. I'm using O2 DSL 100.

The BT Home Hub 5 Type A was my favorite when I began to search. But the only way to get it is used on ebay from UK.

The ToH shows 20 device for VDSL with WiFi. But the most are "Discontinued" and/or also not available.

Yep, that's where I got mine two (one spare) once quite a while ago.

How much U wanna have for shipping to Germany (Berlin)?

I believe it would be below 10 bucks. Don't remember whether that was Euro or Swiss Francs though.

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