Completed compile (I think it is) to $ make dirclean (Solved (see follow up message to read all of the necessary data))


Have a NanopiR4S 4GB version.
Think I have completed the compile (a long time mentor was a openwrt guru but he's gone some over 4 years already so reaching out here) to make dirclean.

What do I do now?

(I added luci and a bunch of other stuff into the compile.)

Wanting to set up a excellent router - - - just know diddly about openwrt - - - don't mind using cli if I've got cheat sheets to follow but do get lost and need direction on occasion.

Please advise.


Have you flashed the new build? Are you happy with it?

If you are happy with the build, I would just usually use rm -rf bin build_dir tmp instead of dirclean.

Then I run:

./scripts/ > configdiff
cp configdiff .config
make defconfig

If you don't ask, well . . .

(I was forced to reboot my system this morning so that might result in issues.)

Blockquote Then I run:

./scripts/ > configdiff
cp configdiff .config
make defconfig

so tried the first line
./scripts/ > configdiff

get these 2 lines:

can't open file 'tmp/.diffconfig.stage1' at ./scripts/ line 32.
can't open file 'tmp/.diffconfig.stage2' at ./scripts/ line 32.

What in the heck does that mean?
(the explanation makes it clear that there was a problem but really nothing much past that)


(Can I add I HATE markup!!!)

My apologies. I assumed too much.

You asked about make dirclean. You should be able to just use a normal make clean or rm -rf bin build_dir tmp.

dirclean will clear your toolchain that needs to be rebuilt again.

The next code block I run post build so I have a ready to use .config based on my latest build.
Save the build config changes.

Your best source for info can be found Here

No apologies necessary - - - - I'm sorta used to not knowing what I"m doing and just tackling some crazy whoopee stuff. (Did that with virtual systems and then found what I wanted just - - well it weren't there!)

Did the make dirclean and was successful.

What I wanted to do was to not only have the basic system (like here - - )
but to also have included luci and and and (you know all the stuff that I tried to compile into the system - - grin!).

No sure how to get to something that looks like this:


but has everything that I want in it.

Looking at the pages in the group you listed - - well - - I'm not seeing the next steps.

Would you be able to point me to a list or something - - please?


Check your messages