Complete rebuild of 18.06.2 on 23. June with filename pattern change

Hey developers,

is it on purpose, that you did a complete rebuild of 18.06.2 on 2019 June the 23th (last Sunday)? In addition the filename pattern of firmware- & imagebuilder-files changed (version number removed). This is a quite hard move for "only a rebuild" of a stable release, isn't it?

I was building a final delivery of an art software project, which totally fell apart today because of that change. Woops.

Any information will be helpful:

  • is this intended?
  • if not, when do you revert it back to the old filenames including the version number?
  • ... and how could this happen?

Many thanks in advance,
best regards

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The filenames I can compare to the ones I previously downloaded are unchanged from the previous 18.06.2 build, and they do include the version number. Am I looking at the wrong files?

currently IS on

SHOULD BE (currently 404):

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I didn't go through all the directories, that's why I didn't catch it. Looks like it's only the ar71xx/generic directory that doesn't carry version numbers in the filenames. Weird indeed. I brought it up to @jow. I don't really know if it's worth fixing since 18.06.2 will, for all intents and purposes, be obsolete in a few days tops. But yeah ...

Thanks for your replies. There are much more folders affected by that. In my case, yesterday evening, it was ramips-mt76x8 that was totally changed.

I accept that mistakes happen... we are only humans, true. But it is pretty hard, that the current stable release is rendered close to unusable :frowning: now. In my work environment, a stable release is like a holy cow: never touch. never. (only with a new version number).
Yes, I agree that we should look forward and it seems that 18.06.3 will be released in a few days.

It seems, that yesterday evening a complete re-rebuild happened and the version numbers are back again for ramips-mt76x8 . yay. But ar71xx/generic is still without the numers

So, I assume, that the files should include the version number and the other situation is just a mistake.

Thank you for your feedback

It seems the openwrt group found this. We will got 403 to visit now

I see. I reflash my device today again and again and want to find what package brick my device and want to report the issue. But now I found 403 to visit this url.

By the way, can the 403 result be reverted now?

As explained above, it's intentional to prevent further damage to users. It will be reverted once the situation is fixed, repeating "are we there yet" is not going to speed up the buildbots.

Thanks for quick responding!
I have seen that the files have been updated, I thought you have successfully completed the repair.

Nearly a thousand boards, somewhere over 6,000 packages per architecture, it will take a bit.

Here's some "pretty pictures" to watch, if you're really bored.

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