Compiling opkg in a second moment

I have a zyxel VMG8825-B50B with ssh root access etc... Zyxel built It on top of OPENWRT. It Is basically OPENWRT with some drivers and little software added. My plan is to add opkg because It was disabled at compilation point. I downloaded the source code from zyxel mail and I managed to recompile the firmware with opkg, but there are some problems with flashing.

Since the only thing I want is opkg I'm asking If It Is possibile to compile only opkg and load it in the existing OPENWRT installation. I read the documentation about compiling only modules, but at the end the ipk file is installed with opkg :frowning:

I don’t think your device is supported by the official openwrt builds. You will likely have to contact the manufacturer or the related forums to get advice on this that is relevant to your device - it may be built on openwrt, but it is not standard openwrt, so that presents a large set of challenges.

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An ipk file is just a compressed file containing the binaries, some installation scripts, and some metadata. I would open the opkg.ipk file and see what is inside.

However, just installing opkg is probably not going to be enough to make it viable to install packages.

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