Compiling Openwrt, missing dependencies for packages

It seems as though people keep stripping out some of the things that are compiled as a part of OpenWrt and in doing so it then makes it very difficult to compile various packages because there are missing dependencies.

For example, I can't compiled travelmate because curl is now missing.

Is any able to explain how to get hold of these missing dependencies? It is quite frustrating when things that used to compile suddenly won't because yet another dependency has been dropped.

Had the same issue with libmicrohttpd.
I just added the module via make menuconfig

You should be able to do the same with curl(it’ll add libcurl4 libwolfssl4 on it’s own)

I have also been getting all these sorts of error messages ...

WARNING: Makefile 'package/feeds/packages/travelmate/Makefile' has a dependency on 'curl', which does not exist

I just tried ...

./scripts/feeds install -f libcurl

and that appears to have made the error disappear. It is almost as though the build system thinks that there is a version of curl in place that doesn't actually exist.

I don't think curl was even appearing as an option in 'make menuconfig'.

i don't know if it will compile yet though, still waiting on that!

Let’s wait and see :slight_smile:
Btw it should be under Network/File Transfer.

./scripts/feeds update -i -a
./scripts/feeds install -f -a

Edit: Well, that are certainly incorrect info ;D but if you're missing deps, that will force a re-index.

i'm still seeing it in ./feeds/packages/net/curl and creates the targets curl and libcurl

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After I did ...

./scripts/feed install -f curl

it seemed to fix my problems.

It is as though my copy of the code thinks that there is a package in the core which is no longer there and I need it from a feed, but until I force it to pull from a feed it just doesn't bother to get a copy because it insists on believing it is still in the core.

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