Compiling an external kmod package

I have a kernel package that I created years ago (Intel Quick Assist technology) compiled from an downloaded tar.gz file (ie., downloaded like a normal package, as it's not part of the upstream kernel source). I'm updating it for 19.07 and a later version of the driver source.

I've never been able to get this to compile without doing a full top level make.

make target/linux/compile
make package/kernel/linux/compile
make package/kernel/linux/install

does absolutely nothing. Is there something I'm missing, an easier way to do this without having to wait an age for the build system to go through every package every time I try to compile the module?

Do you have tried the sdk for your target arch?

No, I haven't. I was always under the impression that the SDK only works on userspace packages, so didn't try. I'll give it a try - it's likely to take less time to try it than to run one top level compilation of my module :slight_smile: