Compile with wpad instead of wpad-mini


When building from source, is there a way to force the installation of wpad instead of wpad-mini?

Editing dependencies is a bit involved.

The easiest thing so far is to create wpad as a package and then remove woad-mini and install pad.



You have to select simply wpad instead of wpad-mini in make menuconfig.

The wpad packages are located in Network almost at the bottom.

If you need only a build with wpad instead of wpad mini, you could also use the image builder and specify PACKAGES="-wpad-mini wpad" for your image build process with the image builder

Thanks for your quick reply.

I'm building/compiling and not using ImageBuilder.

A few of the packages that I need, have wpad-mini in the DEPENDS. I'll try the syntax -wpad-mini wpad and see how that goes.

On a side note, I can't imagine why wpad isn't the default now that most target devices are 8M +.



Which package?
I do not find any packages that have wpad-mini as a dependency inthe main Openwrt repo or in the packages feed repo.

(most targets naturally have that, but not packages)

the syntax "-wpad-mini wpad" is for imagebuilder, not compiling.
But the same can be achieved in menuconfig, too.
I include this in my .config seed:

# CONFIG_PACKAGE_wpad-mini is not set

Thanks for your reply. I am familiar with your WNDR3x00 builds and they were awesome.

I'm compiling a non vanilla version of openwrt related to the ROOTer project. I'll try editing the Makefiles for those packages.

While my original question is probably out of scope for these forums since it is NOT 100% opernwrt, I can think of other situations where doing a build and wanting to put something like dnsmasq-full in creates a conflict with dnsmasq. There must be a way to not get caught up in dependency hell (conflicts).

One solution is to not use + to select dependency packages but just the package name, so that the new package is not even visible until you have selected the needed variant of the existing package.