Compile speedtest-cli [C Version] for mipsel_24kc router

@jekseparo could you tell me how do you achive this:

I have a router with mipsel_24kc architecture and Im struggling with cross-compiling the curl and expat libraries.
I need it for my degree final project.
If any other person could help, it would be appreciated.
Thank you.

This libs are already in the system, choose them in menuconfig.

Sorry, maybe I didnt explained well, I'm trying to cross-compile that repository in Ubuntu for a mipsel_24kc router running Openwrt, and I'm not able to do it.

Using gcc-mipsel-linux-gnu with -march=24kc flag by the way. That compiler isnt finding the libs, but I have dev pakages intalled for both.

You must use the OpenWrt SDK for that (different libcs).

I have opened a new topic at C program compile lib errors because my new question differs a little from this topic although they pursue the same goal.
Thank you @Mat-Alm and @slh

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