Compile ffmpeg hw_decode example

Hello, I selected libffmpeg-full, ffmpeg, and fffprobe in menuconfig. In ffmpeg source code at docs/examples, there is hw_decode.c example.

I would like to compile hw_decode and try it in openwrt (orange-pi-pc). Anybody can guide me?

I tried to change Makefiles manually but that did not work (or I could not add proper flags).

You need a lot more to make that work unfortunately which isn't ported and probably never will be ported to OpenWrt. The best (easiest) solution for now is probably to use LibreELEC instead.

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@Dizzy thanks for the fast reply. I thought we can add some more scripts to Makefiles. I found the files in openwrt build_dir as shown in the screenshot.

What if I could add this as custom package?