Compile error on QCA SSDK

Hi all,

Am (trying) to add support for IPQ5018 devices but am getting the following error while compiling QCA-SSDK, any help would be highly appreciated as I'm stuck now. Usually incompatible pointers trigger warnings unless CFLAGS have been changed.
I don't want to mess around with changing any of the SSDK code and/or Makefiles. Has anyone encountered this before and/or is able to provide any guidance on how to solve this issue?

/home/gemous/openwrt/mx5500/build_dir/target-aarch64_cortex-a53_musl/linux-qualcommax_ipq5018/qca-ssdk-2023-06-06-74caf88a/temp/src/hsl/dess/dess_qos.c:1536:39: error: assignment to 'hsl_qos_port_rx_buf_nr_set' {aka 'sw_error_t (*)(unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int *, unsigned int )'} from incompatible pointer type 'sw_error_t ()(a_uint32_t, fal_port_t, a_uint32_t )' {aka 'sw_error_t ()(unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int *)'} [-Werror=incompatible-pointer-types]
1536 | p_api->qos_port_rx_buf_nr_set = dess_qos_port_rx_buf_nr_set;

My build environment is Debian 12 based and have set it up as per:

this is 3rd party SDK, ask the provider for assistance.
you should already know this from IPQ5018: Potential future support for Linksys MX2000 Atlas 6 & MX5500 Atlas 6 Pro

thanks frollic, I understand it's a 3rd party SDK, but this is as part of compiling openwrt and trying to add openwrt support for new devices. I've seen other threads on issues with this SDK where Qs have been answered here too and am just looking to see if anyone has run into this issue or is able to give me any pointers.

AFAIK IPQ5018 still isn't supported by Linux, so whatever you're using, isn't anywhere near openwrt.

thanks for another very useful reply.

this is openwrt as I'm trying out patches that have been submitted upstream to find out what's working and what's missing (and that's a lot). Nonetheless, it's at very early stages, but am trying to see if we can get openwrt booted and move from there. Serial (UART), SPI, I2C, MDIO, the two switches should be working (QCA8337 and the soc's builtin) based on existing drivers and submitted patches (GCC, pinctrl, and more), perhaps USB2, wireless too (QCN9074, IPQ5018, both available on QUIC and kvalo's repo), and the PWM leds. Obvious components missing are the QPIC nand controller for SPI Nand, USB3 (uniphy), PCIE (uniphy), tsens (though people are working on it). If working and accepted upstream, I intend to submit the patches for 6.1 kernel support such as robimarko has done for IPQ8074.

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