Compile an image to support SIM8200EA-M2 5G dongle

i'm trying to compile an openwrt image for raspberrypi 4 to support SimCom Sim8200EA-M2 5G dongle.
Simcom provide a custom qmi-wwan driver named "qmi-wwan-simcom", but it did't work well,
does anyone have a imge which supported Sim8200EA-M2 5G dongle?

I would say your best bet so far is to share your work - ideally as a kernel patch - and this community will help you out clean it up for a proper compile or even pull request

There is no need for a special driver for this modem. That's not how we do things in Linux. Just add the device ID to the existing qmi_wwan driver. It supports this modem just fine without any other changes.

I can prepare and submit a patch for the driver if you post the output of
cat /sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices

Note that this is what SIMCom should have done, instead of creating that mess. But I don't think they understand how any software works. At least not any open source.

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