Compex WPQ618 Support, Urgent Advice needed!

Hi, my name is Brenton, I am from South Africa and I am a Masters Student.

I am considering buying a few WiFi 6 development kits from Compex "WPQ618". These boards are relatively expensive for me and I need advice before buying them.

On Compex's website, they say that these boards are supported by OpenWrt and CompexWrt, but when I viewed the list of compatible devices in OpenWrt, the WPQ618 boards were not listed!

Am I missing something, is the Compex WPQ618 development kits supported by OpenWrt. Will I be able to test WiFi6 features such as "Target Wake Time"?

With thanks

What they call 'OpenWrt', is actually Qualcomm's proprietary QSDK - not OpenWrt at all, even though it is loosely based on an ancient/ unsupported OpenWrt environment, with kernel, wireless drivers and a lot more replaced.

At this point OpenWrt doesn't support the IPQ60xx target yet, even its mainline status (SOC support and wireless support via ath11k) is still very early and in a state of flux - it will take considerable time until it can be supported by OpenWrt. IPQ807x is likely to become supported much earlier (although IPQ60xx will profit from the work going into IPQ807x), as there is already basic target support for these merged into master (but no devices are formally covered yet and quite a lot of infrastructural efforts are still pending). Either of these 802.11ax targets will still need quite considerable efforts, but while those are in reach for IPQ807x, IPQ60xx and IPQ50xx will require a lot more time and efforts.

If you're looking for a supported SOC, you'll have to scratch 802.11ax from the list and go with with 802.11ac based SOCs (ipq40xx, ipq806x, mt7621, …).


Thank you for your response, it's much appreciated!

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