Compatibility with Fritz!Box 7360 v2

Hi, I am new to the forum, and to OpenWRT. I would like to know if the OpenWRT firmware for the Fritz!Box 7360 (SL) is compatible with my 7360 v2. AFAIK, the 7360 v2 is slightly better than the 7360 (SL).

My questions are:

Q1) If it is not compatible, can I restore the stock firmware, or will it stay a bricked device?

Q2) If it is compatible, but DECT does not work (as mentioned in the firmware info), is there an alternative way to register and use a cordless telephone with that router?

I am an advanced Linux user, using SSH is not a problem.


As far as I can see, the only difference is bigger flash (32 MB, v1 has 16 MB), so initramfs image should boot, can you try that?

DECT doesn't, and probably never will work on OpenWrt. The only Linux implementation of Dialog's SC14xxx chips is in Fritz!OS. As a consequence of AVM's implementation, FXS ports don't work on any Fritz!Box as well. You'll have to use separate hardware for DECT and/or analog phones.

What happens, if OpenWRT is not compatible? Is there a "default" procedure to restore the stock firmware?

You could take a look at the devicepages of other AVM devices: mentions FB7570. I would expect some similarity to the 7360.

Last but not least:

Edit: One more would be ruKernelTool. Sadly, due to DSGVO, his website is offline :frowning:
This tool saved one of my otherwise unrecoverable FritzBoxes.

That's why I said to try to boot initramfs image, not flash it. Then post dmesg output here so we can take a look.

FYI - Support for Fritzbox 7360 v2 has been added with commit;a=commit;h=78bebe680f67e8967c2baad8a5c07035d431f9d5

For installation instructions see this git-commit.

Since the fritz!box 7360 v2 is on xrx200 aswell as the BT Homehub 5a and are both getting WAN to LAN < 80Mbits throughput this thread may help to get to 130 Mbits, see

However a performance fix for will be release for OpenWrt 20.x builds but wont be backported for 19.x builds.

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