Communicating devices behind different routers

PC ( is on the main router (
TVBOX ( on the secondary router (

Secondary router is connected to the main router via WAN port and firewall is disabled on the secondary router.

I want to access TVBOX from PC. How can I do that?

put everything on the same LAN, but it might not be desired.

@lleachii any help?

If you really need the 2nd router as a router you need to configure a static routing on the 1st router for the 2nd router LAN subnet.
Otherwise you can put all your devices on the same LAN as advised above, for that you can probably configure the 2nd router per "dumb AP" guidelines.

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yes this is exactly what I'm trying to do, could you share the steps required in uci or luci?

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tried this but didn't work. is second router's IP on the main router

@psherman I'm not trying to create a dumb AP

Please show ip r output from both routers.
No pictures please.

main router:

root@modem:~# ip route list
default via dev pppoe-wan dev pppoe-wan scope link  src via dev br-lan dev br-lan scope link  src

secondary router

root@router-sinan:~# ip route list
default via dev wan  src dev br-lan scope link  src dev wan scope link  src

Looks good to me. What's the issue with the connection?

pinging from PC is not working

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from Destination port unreachable.
Reply from Destination port unreachable.
Reply from Destination port unreachable.
Reply from Destination port unreachable.

My understanding this is the result of disabling the firewall. Bring it back, check if you have forwarding properly configured between the zones, no need to use NAT.

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If your second router is connected to your first router, I would create an static route from the primary to the secondary (pointing at the WAN IP of the secondary), and in the secondary's Firewall, disable Masquerading for the WAN, and accept input from WAN to LAN. That should allow one to ping the other (both ways).


thank you @feliciano it worked

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