Comfast E314N-V2


Has this patch for Comfast E314N-V2 pulled into the git of OpenWrt ?


Ok, so maybe it didn't get closed out[Brand*~]=comfast -- nope

Ok, so maybe the ToH didn't get updated. Geeze, you've got the patch, so you know what you're looking for and where

jeff@deb-devel:~/devel/openwrt/target/linux/ar71xx$ fgrep -r e314n .


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What update do you expect?

(Just showing the path I used to confirm device wasn’t supported.)

@grosjo It looks like the author did file the patch for inclusion but there was no follow-up (nothing further on the mailing list).

I can try to apply the patch to the current codebase (18.06.2 or master) and build you an image if you'd like (so you can test) - but that means you should be able to recover if needed (the author no doubt tested his patch but if it breaks it breaks, and you get to keep all the pieces).

Keep in mind all ar71xx supported devices need to be migrated to ath79 (DTS-based) at some point and this patch 'only' provides ar71xx support. I don't have the skillset to turn this into an ath79 patch, but once you have ar71xx up and running on yours you might apply here and maybe someone is kind enough to pick up your request.

Let me know.

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@borromini, thanks for the note.

I would appreciate if the patch gets into master.

I maybe be able to test it probably in a month or so.

As for migrating to Ath79, I can put some effort in this. I tried to go through the 890 comments on the topic ij the forum, but is there a formal documentation somewhere about it ?


Partitions should have node labels of partition@<start address>

Boot loader, art, and similar critical partitions marked read-only

"firmware" mtd label for NOR, "ubi" for NAND, can't both be present, however

Auto-splitting "firmware" partition (by its name) is enabled by:

If you use a proper compatible string it doesn't has to be named
"firmware" and you don't need CONFIG_MTD_SPLIT_FIRMWARE

Tab indentation

cpp-style #include (not device tree /include/)

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Understandably. Since it's a bit stale at this point that would mean you'd need to test it and report to the mailing list for follow-up. You might try prodding the author if needed.

First I will ensure the ar71xx is working.

New repo here :

Pull request made

ok, my pull request has been refused. How frustrating.

And sill no clue how to port this ti "ath79". Isn't there a RTFM somewhere ?

In the main, since your device seems very similar to others, see how their DTS is created through #include statements, learn how to add/remove/modify DTS nodes and properties, and do it. There doesn’t look to be much involved from the changes in the mach file.

Yes, but actually all other simialr e316n, e320n, etc.. are in ar71xx , not in ath79

So, somehow, I need to know how does the ar71xx -> ath79 process works. Isn't there a doc somewhere ?

Take a look at Porting guide ar71xx to ath79?

Plese kindly review

any news about this device?

PR is here :

All is working fine, I am just a bit desesperate to find some admin willing to push it to master

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People wishing to build based on your PR can always download a patch from (add .patch to the PR URL). It then can be locally applied with something like git am 1955.patch. I would suggest checking out a new branch before applying the patch, rather than applying it directly to the local copy of master.


The above URL comes from taking the PR URL and adding the .patch extension to get (which then redirects to the patch content URL, shown above).

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PR is here :

All is working fine, I am just a bit desesperate to find some admin willing to push it to master

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@jeff thank you for the tip
however, do you know the process to convert this PR into master code ?