Comfast CF-E393AX?


Do we have OpenWrt support for "Chipset: MT7981A+MT7976D+MT7531AE;"

This seems to be a new router.


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See the upper right corner looking glass icon ?

It actually works...

Yes, I have seen that, but this seems to be very new and not really sure if the Vanilla Stable version of OpenWRT will work on that. There is no entry in the TOH and almost no forum topics on this one.


it won't, since it's not in stable yet.
won't be until the next version of openwrt.

that doesn't really mean anything, since TOH is updated manually.

also interested in this one. So if i flash the snapshot it works? want to confirm if there is any issues. @ghat have you tried it yet?

It works perfectly, I know as i had submitted the support patches.

When i get time i will submit a backport patch to 23.01

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I am a total newbie, but also interested in this model - as I own one -, because the factory firmware is total crap. As a newbie, forgive me for my silly questions, but: it is possible, that this device is going to be included in the next stable release? If so, I will not tinker with the snapshots :slight_smile:


Scroll back three posts ...

Really. As I am not familiar with device inclusion rules, that's why I asked about it. Thanks BTW.

What part of "until the next version of openwrt." is tricky to understand?

None of that. The question regarded whether this means "the next" or "one of the next" version. But once again: thanks for the nice help.

Post says "the next", not "one of the next"... ?