Comfast CF-E385AC flashing original firmware via serial


I have a CF-E385AC flashed with OpenWRT. I am not sure what happened, it is not accessible via IP(LAN/Wireless) anymore. I have accessed the serial port and was able to get in via Putty. How do I load/flash in the Original Firmware via serial?


if you got all the way into openwrt via serial, run firstboot, to reset the settings.

or do you want to return to stock ?

I have tried that and it didn't work. Hence my only option is to return to stock. I believe I need 2 things. Temp memory address to load in the original firmware and the actual memory address to write the firmware to.

I saw this method being used on another device on YouTube.

What didn't work, exactly?

You can try flashing an initramfs image from safemode then a sysupgrade image

Running firstboot didn't work.

Is there a link that I can refer to?

Since you have console access, post boot sequence.