Collectd-mod-protocols: Anyone got it working?

I've installed collectd-mod-protcols on both 22.03.5 and a snaphot, it appears that the package is missing some pieces. Comparing it with, for example, the memory plug, there's no entry in /etc/config/luci_statistics file, nor is there any json for LuCI to use for configuration.

$ opkg files collectd-mod-memory
Package collectd-mod-memory (5.12.0-48) is installed on root and has the following files:

$ opkg files collectd-mod-protocols
Package collectd-mod-protocols (5.12.0-48) is installed on root and has the following files:

If I manually hack /etc/collectd.conf, and add this (from the collectd website):

LoadPlugin protocols
<Plugin "protocols">
  Value "Icmp:InDestUnreachs"
  Value "/^Icmp:.*Echo/"
  IgnoreSelected false

Then /etc/init.d/collectd restart, I get statistics recorded in /tmp/rrd/router/protocols-blah/ directories, but nothing shows up in LuCI. (If I do /etc/init.d/luci_statistics restart the collectd conf file is overwritten without any reference to protocols.)

What all is missing here? Seems like I need something in /etc/config/luci_statistics, but what? Maybe also a protocols.json for LuCI, too?

LuCI statistics has support only for some collectd plugins, not all of them.

(Collectd can also be used independently)