Collectd-mod-cpufreq unavailable

Hi, collectd-mod-cpufreq is unavailable for the latest snapshots rockchip armv8.
It was available in OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r15404 /LuCI Master (git-20.339.75073-e54708a) but after release was unavailable. Will be released again?

Cheers zWolf

Hi, is possible to recompile collectd-mod-cpufreq with R2S (rockchip armv8) support.

Thanks zWolf

Collectd-mod-cpufreq only reads data from kernel debug file system. It has no knowledge about the chip itself.

Note that the "last release" is 19.07.7 made from June 2019 code + some patches.

Which exact version you are talking about?

If support for some new device has been added to the development master (and will get into the next future release 21.02), it will likely not be backported to the stable ancient 19.07 branch.

You can use master test builds, the 21.02 test builds, or wait until the 21.02 release.

Thanks a lot hnyman, R2S is on "Development Snapshot builds" and after OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r15404 /LuCI Master (git-20.339.75073-e54708a) the opgk is unavailable for installation.


Are you talking about specifically just collectd-mod-cpufreq, or is opkg generally unable to install packages?

I guess that you might be suffering the symptoms caused by this commit in mid-December:

I have no idea what is the correct fix for you, but if the package arch used in buildbot has changed for your device, possibly your current opkg download definitions point to wrong directories. You might need to sysupgrade to a current build.

Thanks a lot hnyman, you find the problem