Collectd-logging broken?

I enabled collectd-LogFile and noticed errors in the system logs.
Is the default config under /etc/config/luci_statistics broken?

It looks like this:

config statistics 'collectd_logfile'
        option enable '1'
        option LogLevel 'warn'
        option File '/var/log/collectd.log'
        option Timestamp '1'

You have to configure rrdTool:

I can successfully enable other plugins...

I really think the default config of the LogFile Plugin is Bugy.

But looks like it work, there’s a (very small) graph at the beginning. Try to wait and reload, or change the reload time or enable auto reload.

Yes statistics works. I am asking to enable the module LogFile. Which is Failing on my side.
As soon as i enable the LogFile module i get an error in the system logs and statistics stop working.

SUCCESS: i had to do the install opkg install collectd-mod-logfile now it works.

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