Collectd and plugin ping to ping server using multiple interfaces

in my setup I'm using an OpenVPN client, connected to 3 different endpoints, and MWAN3 to do a load balancing and splitting traffic to use VPN or don't use it. Everything is fine with this configurations, but I experience some lost VPN connections.

To better understand the problem, I want to monitor the VPN endpoints and ping them using the 3 TUN interfaces.

Thus, is there a way to use multiple ping plugin instances, each ping a single server BUT using the appropriate interface?

Thanks in advance for your support!


BusyBox v1.28.3 () multi-call binary.

Usage: ping [OPTIONS] HOST

Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts

	-4,-6		Force IP or IPv6 name resolution
	-c CNT		Send only CNT pings
	-s SIZE		Send SIZE data bytes in packets (default 56)
	-t TTL		Set TTL
	-I IFACE/IP	Source interface or IP address
	-W SEC		Seconds to wait for the first response (default 10)
			(after all -c CNT packets are sent)
	-w SEC		Seconds until ping exits (default:infinite)
			(can exit earlier with -c CNT)
	-q		Quiet, only display output at start
			and when finished
	-p HEXBYTE	Pattern to use for payload
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