Cloning OpenWrt install? (from 14.07 to 18.06.1)

I have a fine working barrier breaker on one router thats been running and been installed to since, oh well, since barrier breaker came out and now i would like to clone the config now onto a newer router that i just installed with 18.06.1.

Would be lovely to have some step by step install to not overlook stuff. I guess something like:

  • figure out what additional packages where installed
  • copy carefully/review/modify all files in /etc/config
  • list of config files elsewhere, such as.. sigh

Any suggestions/pointers welcome.


Yeah, this is something i've been asking myself about recently. My comments might be a bit biased toward complex setups and lowlevel management so ignore them at the first sign of confusion.

I've come the the conclusion that "migration"... as usual is not effortworthy. Excluding the most basic setups and release jumps.

I recommend documenting core settings and maintaining a script which backs up key directories and files ( especially if you have a non standard system / lots of mods ).

For install / new device / new release / etc. A "put" script which runs the majority if config for you.... via UCI commands / file restore etc.

For basic systems or average users there is a small gap when it comes to entering everything manually I suppose.... something like a "restore this service" one by one button from backup file might be handy.... But to support such a feature mainstream takes time away from developers and somewhat constrains development fluency.....

There are some key differences in config between the Barrier Breaker from year 2014 and 18.06.1 from 2018... You are jumping over the 15.05.x and 17.01.x releases. So, you are jumping directly to the third major release from your original one.

You need to manually re-do the key settings for system, network, dhcp (ipv6 settings), possibly also wireless (depends on the router). BB is so ancient that it is hard to remember any more what was needed three years ago to get into the CC 15.05 in the first place... E.g. /etc/profile including path has changed.

That sounds like the right approach.

But take only the really necessary your config changes (like wireless SSID etc.). Many defaults have changed since then, so in general you are better off by just taking the new defaults and doing the minimal changes really necessary for your usage needs.

But do no blindly install all the same packages, as some dependencies have changed etc. Just figure out what are the actual additional packages that you need.

Thanks folks. Took me a day, lets hope i managed to get everything cloned accordingly.

In the professional world, YANG ewas introduced to create more explicit models of the functional and operational model of routers, so that it is (theoretically) a piece of cake to see what has changed across versions. Oh wel. Not sure how easy it would have been to compare Yang data odel vs. /etc/config files grin

I guess i can be happy to have missed the whole excitement of OpenWrt/LEDE split/merge by sticking to stable running BB.

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