Client isolation exclusion

i have a IOT wifi with client isolation, so each iot device should not be able to access the others. Now i need one specific iot device to be able to access one specific iot device but i found no way to achieve this. Is this possible? (keep isolation, but exclude one)
The other way round should be use the router itself to receive the connection from one and route, indeed, to the other, but seems no efficient at all :slight_smile:

Wifi client isolation is all-or-nothing. There is no way to exclude certain devices.

You could, however, create a new network + SSID such that you can have those devices on a network without client isolation enabled.


sadly i expected that.
the 2 devices are 2 shelly switch that need to talk to each other to toggle together, but luckily this is just an HTTP request, i can route it through the router itself, maybe with a nginx reverse proxy..

I'm not sure why you wanna setup a proxy instead of another SSID...but perhaps it's possible to:

  • Add another network IP range to the bridge (e.g.
  • Assign a static IP/DNS/Gateway to one of the devices
  • It will then route to the other

(:spiral_notepad: You must ALLOW forward in this interface's firewall zone.)

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