Client classifying and individual options and Luci

I am using tags in dhcp hosts to create different DNS server settings for certain clients as per example.

uci set dhcp.tag1="tag"
uci set dhcp.tag1.dhcp_option="6,,"
uci add dhcp host
uci set dhcp.@host[-1].name="j400"
uci set dhcp.@host[-1].mac="00:21:63:75:aa:17"
uci set dhcp.@host[-1].ip=""
uci set dhcp.@host[-1].tag="tag1"

This works well but it seems that when I set this up the Luci interface "DHCP and DNS" fails so it seems I have to add/edit all hosts manually. I note in the OpenWrt DHCP examples that Luci does not have an interface for DHCP Relay so I am wondering if this is also the case for Client classifying and individual options

I am running 22.03.2 r198039a599fee93


Can you clarify what this means?

I understood this to mean that the web GUI had display issues after applying DHCP tag configs - correct?

I'm asking because I wanna attempt to replicate your issue here.

Yes, it does.

My Bad.
I had edited the dhcp file by hand as I had many hosts to put in. I set the tag name to 'int-dns'. This causes it to fail. Apparently you cannot have a '-' character in the name. This is probably documented somewhere but I havent come across it. What happens is that the option for DHCP and DNS does not show up in the luci console under Networking. Further investigation shows that the command

uci show dhcp

gives an error.

Regarding the comment that "Luci does not have an interface for DHCP Relay", this was taken directly from the official documentation
As of October 2021 LuCI does not have an interface for this so the configuration file must be manually edited.
I haven't set up DHCP Relay so I just believed the docs and was wondering if Client Classifying was the same

Thanks for the reply